1157 CanBus L.E.D. Bulb Specifications:

Each Bulb Has 22 LED's. 12 volts only

Low Light: 65 Lumen, 1.3 mil volts, 39 ohms

Bright Light: 98 Lumen, 17.2 mil volts, 36 ohms

1157 Low Profile, CanBus L.E.D. Bulbs

These bulbs install exactly like a conventional 1157 bulbs. They are Brighter, Use less energy than conventional bulbs, They are Low Profile and shock resistant.

No Hyper Flashing or Dead Signal Error.

Our 1157 CanBus Replacement Bulbs Have Built In Resisters.

Perfect for replacement bulbs or after market lighting solutions.

These Bulbs Are in Stock And Ready To Ship

We are located in Marietta, Ga. just north of Atlanta, Ga. We ship immediately after perches.

We bench test every bulb on low light and bright light, before we ship.

We ship these bulbs; bubble wrapped and taped, placed in a crush proof box and taped, then finally sealed in a 9x11 bubble envelope with shipping tape.

Please Note, These bulbs DO NOT fit in;

- 2014 Honda Accord - Stock factory light housing.

Pictures of 1157 CanBus L.E.D Bulbs

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L.E.D. 1157 Replacement Bulbs

1 set, (2 bulbs) $7.15 Plus shipping, Pay-Pal Check-Out

L.E.D. 1157 Replacement Bulbs

2 sets, (4 bulbs) $12.95 Plus shipping, Pay-Pal Check-Out

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