Millstone Automotive Gallery

In addition to making automotive parts and kits, we also build classic vehicles.

Just a few of our custom bikes: 100% tig welded, Custom frame, tank and fenders. frames are 100% D.O.M. tubing. All our bike are under chassis soft-tails. All our bikes are painted in-house with at least 3 clear top coats.
Blue Candy

Burnt Orange

Candy Apple Red

Metallic Green

Just one of our classic truck builds: We start with frame up restoration; Completely rubberize under carriage and frame. We install all up date controls and amenities such as; power steering, power brakes, A/C. V-8 engines are completely striped, Hot tanked and rebuilt in-house. Transmission are completely striped and rebuilt in-house. All our trucks are painted in-house with at least 2 clear top coats.

53' Ford Frame Restoration

Engine and Trans Build

Installing Motor/Trans

Cab Restoration

Truck Mock-Up

Paint and Prep

Inside Cab / Dash

Assembly Pictures

Just a few crash cages: We have made crash cages for all types of motorcycles.





Just a few custom paints we have done with our in-house paint department.

Chameleon Rattle Snake

Michael Andretti Red

Chameleon Blue to Purple

Dodge Viper GTS Blue

we are still uploading

pictures to our site.

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